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Music Video Production Company Films Video for Singer/Songwriter Patrick Geraghty

New York film production company, iProduction Studio filmed a fantastic new music video for singer/songwriter Patrick Geraghty. The video was for Geraghty’s latest single, “Dream Girl”. The music video shoot took one full day in a beautiful mansion in Oyster Bay Cove, Long Island.

Patrick Geraghty is an up and coming singer/songwriter who hails from Dublin Ireland. He came to New York for a soccer scholarship at Hofstra University back in 1998. Geraghty sang & composed songs as a hobby for most of his life however, only recently did he start taking his music career to the next level. He released his very first single “This Town” on January 28, 2011. This was followed up by 2 additional songs “Fly” and “Aimless”.

Geraghty had a lot of musical influence growing up in Ireland. He names Pearl Jam and Paul Simon as two of his favorite artists. Since Geraghty is also an accomplished musician, he respects the work of drummer, John Bonham and bassist, Jaco Pastorius. His love of rock music is evident in all of his work.

The fourth and most recent single to be released by Geraghty is “Dream Girl”, a song about longing for a lost love. When it came to creating the perfect video to compliment this sentimental song, Geraghty turned to iProduction Studio to make an exciting music video production.

iProduction Studio is an experienced video production company based in New York City. They handled all of the production from start to finish. First, they had to secure the perfect location. They found an amazing mansion in Oyster Bay Cove in Long Island, New York. It provided the perfect setting and mood for the Dream Girl video.
iProduction Studio also took care of casting and found a lovely actress to fill the role of Geraghty’s lost love interest. Along with the luck of a bright sunny day, the 1 day video shoot was a huge success.

iProduction Studio has vast experience in music video production. They have filmed videos for hot acts such as Big Pun, Miraj Lee Saxton and Akini Blake. Though iProduction Studio is based in New York, they have traveled all over the country to create various film productions that include everything from feature films to corporate videos and television commercials.