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Corporate Event Film Production – Tips of the Trade


Corporate Event Film Production

Corporate Event Film Production

As you may know, the team at iProduction Studio loves to film corporate events. The unscripted, spontaneous nature of live events is super exciting and it’s one of our specialty services.

Usually, we focus on giving useful tips & tricks for video production however, since we love trade shows, conventions & corporate parties just as much as you do, we are sharing some great tips on how to make your next corporate event a success!



  1.  Keep the music neutral.  When it comes to corporate events, you will want to make sure the music is something everyone can enjoy. Try to make the sound match the tone of your product or service
  2. Know when/if a theme is appropriate.  If you are going with a theme, make sure it’s super relevant to your product or service. Remember that it can be challenging to get the crowd to participate in the theme especially if there is a certain dress code tied to that theme. When in doubt, do without!
  3. Have a tech guy handy. When you are using equipment like speakers, projectors and microphones, you will definitely want to have a skilled tech person on stand-by to avoid awkward silence or a party killer.
  4. Provide Refreshments. If your event is going to be longer than 2 hours, you really should provide a snack. This could also be a great opportunity to feature a sponsor or partner’s product!
  5. Consider transportation & parking. If you want your event to be well attended, it helps to have a convenient location and plenty of parking.  It’s so simple but incredibly important.

Now that you have some great tips for planning your corporate event, call iProduction Studio to film your next trade show, convention or corporate event.  We would love to put our video production skills to work for you!


Best Film Productions of 2011

The Oscars are barely 2 months away but the box office results are in!
2011 generated some heavy hitters at the theater. The film production team here at iProduction Studio are major movie buffs so, If a movie is blowing up the box office, we simply can’t miss it!

Feature Film production is one of our specialties and we appreciate good work when we see it.  Here are the top 10 films of 2011 based on gross revenue. If you missed out on any of these incredible movie productions, we highly suggest you see them soon!


1 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2
2 Transformers: Dark of the Moon
3 Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
4 Kung Fu Panda 2
5 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1
6 Fast Five
7 The Hangover Part II
8 The Smurfs
9 Cars 2
10 Rio

If you are looking to make your film production dreams come true in 2012, make sure to call iProduction Studio. We can help you create a feature film that will stand out among the rest!


Most Viewed TV Commercials of 2011

Though most tv commercials are nothing more than an annoyance, there were a few clever ads that make us smile in 2011. Mashable posted a list of the top 10 most viewed TV ad spots in 2011 on YouTube.

In case you may have missed these snippits of marketing genius, here are our 3 favorites from the list:

“The Force: Volkswagen Commercial” (Volkswagen)

You can’t help but smile when you see a young boy bewildered when he “discovers” he has magical powers. We must admit that the “press to start” feature is pretty cool.

“The T-Mobile Royal Wedding” (T-Mobile)

Perhaps even MORE people would have tuned into the royal wedding if the ultra conservative bunch would put on a show like this!

“Introducing Siri on iPhone 4S” (Apple)

After seeing Siri in action in the 4S commercial, most of world had just 1 thing to say…. “I want that”!

If you need help with corporate video production or tv commercial production, let iProduction Studio bring your video production ideas to life!

TV Commercial Production: Does Funny Really Work?

You may be wondering if you should choose the comedic route when creating your TV commercial production project.  Does funny really work? In a Word, Yes! Funny absolutely can work when promoting products or services through a TV commercial but, it’s still important to do planning and research to make sure you are taking the right angle.

What’s the first step in ANY TV commercial production? Know your target audience. What are common jokes & situations related to that demographic? Once you have determined this target, you can start producing your commercial.  Take the recent Old Spice TV commerical for example. Old Spice was trying to reach a younger demographic after years & years of being known as a corny old man’s cologne. Their answer was a commercial featuring a sexy, cocky man doing corny things & cliche after cliche.   Now, the younger demographic may actually see Old Spice body wash a hip, sought after product. It was genius!

There are a few things to try to avoid when making a funny TV commercial production. The first should be obvious: Try not to be too offensive. You fans not enemies!  Secondly, don’t bore them with details. When you choose comedy over informative, the whole point is to entertain! The small facts, ingredients and components will take away from the entertainment value.  Lastly, add some variety. If your joke proves to be effective, create additional TV commercials that put a twist on the original scenario.  If it works, run with it! It works for Geico, it can work for you!

If you need some great ideas for your TV commercial production, call iProduction Studio and find out how we can help you!


New York Video Production – Our Favorite Places to Film!

NewYork Video Production

NewYork Video Production

It’s no secret that the iProduction Studio team loves the Big Apple! That’s why we specialize in New York Video Production.  Even though we travel all over the world to make innovative video for clients, New York is our home base and we have the inside scoop on the best locations for filming. Here are some of our favorite locations for New York video production:

  1. Central Park
    This one should come as no surprise. With it’s beautiful lakes and passage ways, it makes a perfect place for filming.
  2. Chelsea Hotel
    This NYC landmark has housed several high profile celebrities over the years.
  3. Rockefeller Center
    One of New York’s most popular tourist spots. It’s especially beautiful during the holiday season.
  4. Madison Square Park
    Another beautiful Manhattan park that is perfect for video production. There is also a shake shack for the burger lovers to feast on once filming wraps.
  5. Brooklyn Bridge
    Can you believe this bridge is over 125 years old? The views are simply spectacular.

Now that you have 5 great location ideas, call iProduction Studio today and find out how we can help you with your New York video production!

5 Signs of a Professional Video Production Company

video production company

video production company


Have you been shopping around for a professional video production company? Or, perhaps you want to confirm that your current team really has what it takes?

There are many important qualities to look out for when hiring your video production team and we have listed 5 important things to look out for below.


  1. A professional video production company will have at least 3 production samples you can review to understand the quality of their work
  2. Your video production team should LISTEN! While you will need their expertise, design & vision, it’s still your video at the end of the day.
  3. A video production company should have at least 3 references you can speak to.  Learn about their previous experiences directly from a former client
  4. Your video production team should also be marketing savvy. Learn about their marketing strategies and how they use social media to promote their brand
  5. An experienced video production company will provide excellent follow up and customer service. If the communication is all in a timely fashion, your video production project will be as well!


Video Production Tips: How to Look Good on Camera

video production company

video production company

We want you to look your absolute best when on camera so we have provided our top 5 tips for looking good during your video production project.

1) Since lighting can often wash out your skin, be sure to use appropriate makeup. This goes for males too. A little goes a long way. Nobody wants to come out looking pasty on film.

2) They say that they camera adds ten pounds so be aware of focal length. The further away from the camera you are, the slimmer you will look. A professional video production company will understand focal length and help you achieve the best results.

3) Determine your best poses and angles. Along with your video production team, practice taking shots from the head up, side angle and full body. Find your most flattering stance & go with it!

4) Try to wear something comfortable so that you wont fidgit with your clothes. Nothing looks worse on camera than someone awkwardly tugging & pulling at their pants.

5) Sit up Straight! It sounds so simple right? So, why do so many people forget?
If you have a good video production company directing your video, they will probably remind you throughout filming.

Music Video Production Company, iProduction Studio Films Music Video for Miraj Lee Saxton

Music Video Production

Music Video Production - "Sides"

iProduction Studio, a leading music video production company based in New York recently filmed a fantastic video for singer and songwriter, Miraj Lee Saxton. The video, which was produced by Jose Aguilar, features Saxton’s newest single, “Sides” and it was released on September 10th, 2011.

The video was filmed at 3 great locations in New York City: The Chelsea Hotel, Madison Square Park and Green Screen Studio. Together, they provided the perfect back drop for an exciting music video. It took two full days of production, a month in post production, and a team of talented artists to create the final product. The dancers featured in the video provided a great performance and they were guided by the highly acclaimed choreographer, Shawn Garnier. The chemistry of the cast really shines through in the video. The overall storyline and styling comes together as a cohesive theme. Saxton, the star of the video said that the iProduction Studio team was “amazing to work with.”

Miraj Lee Saxton was born in Mount Vernon, New York and has been singing and writing songs since the age of three. Throughout her youth, Saxton developed many talents including composing and dancing. In fact, she is even a self-taught pianist. To top it all off, Saxton is an experience business woman and has even founded her own company, Telarock Entertainment. Telarock specializes in developing and producing musical talent for up and coming stars. They also provide performance services for various types of events varying from weddings to award ceremonies and corporate events.

To see the music video for “Sides”, visit the Telarock Entertainment Youtube page at Or, see the Telarock website for more information at where you get a sneak peek behind the scenes of the music video production shoot.

Video Production - "Sides"

Video Production - "Sides"

About iProduction Studio – iProduction Studio is a video production company based in New York City. They have a creative team of videographers, directors, animators, video editors, sound editors and post production compositors who will bring your ideas to life. To see more work by iProduction Studio, visit their website at

A Great Camera For Video Production: Sony NEX FS100

Video Production

Sony NEX FS100 - Great for Video Production

Looking for a great camera for video production?

The Sony NEX FS100 is one of the newest and best full option cameras on the market today. It’s EMOS Super 35mm image censor delivers outstanding depth of field and unparalleled image quality compared to similar cameras.

It’s ability to capture crisp, noiseless images in low light are matched by no other camera on the market. The FS100′s ability to capture 4:4:2 chroma sampling means that if you are to project your project on a movie screen you are assured a fantastic image, true to the colors and look your hoped for.

Professional Video Production vs. DIY Video Work

Let’s say your trying to market yourself as a business and decide to go the all to popular route of uploading a Youtube video.  By business I mean musician, brand or any other existing enterprise looking to reach out to as many potential consumers as possible.  It may seem like a good idea at the time to put something together either yourself, or through a “friend” that tells you he can shoot it.

If you have a boss, he will be pleased when you tell him of the money he will save from this.  Your friend assures you, “it will be simple” because he has just put together a video of his son’s 5th birthday party that he edited with iMovie.  But what a waste of time and effort it will be when you realize that a crappy video online will not get more than 20 views, mostly from friends or relatives.  And the dislikes on that video are just the beginning of the headache your boss will likely give you.  Then he will go and find a professional video production company to get the job done.

So my advice is to not even consider using that new Flipcam you bought that shoots in HD, but to look for a professional and leave it up to them to do what they do best.  There are a handful of reasonably priced video production companies to choose from that will help you with everything you need.  And I’m pretty sure these guys don’t shoot 5th grade birthday parties.

Don’t sell your business short. Hire a professional video production company today!
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