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Most Viewed TV Commercials of 2011

Though most tv commercials are nothing more than an annoyance, there were a few clever ads that make us smile in 2011. Mashable posted a list of the top 10 most viewed TV ad spots in 2011 on YouTube.

In case you may have missed these snippits of marketing genius, here are our 3 favorites from the list:

“The Force: Volkswagen Commercial” (Volkswagen)

You can’t help but smile when you see a young boy bewildered when he “discovers” he has magical powers. We must admit that the “press to start” feature is pretty cool.

“The T-Mobile Royal Wedding” (T-Mobile)

Perhaps even MORE people would have tuned into the royal wedding if the ultra conservative bunch would put on a show like this!

“Introducing Siri on iPhone 4S” (Apple)

After seeing Siri in action in the 4S commercial, most of world had just 1 thing to say…. “I want that”!

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TV Commercial Production: Does Funny Really Work?

You may be wondering if you should choose the comedic route when creating your TV commercial production project.  Does funny really work? In a Word, Yes! Funny absolutely can work when promoting products or services through a TV commercial but, it’s still important to do planning and research to make sure you are taking the right angle.

What’s the first step in ANY TV commercial production? Know your target audience. What are common jokes & situations related to that demographic? Once you have determined this target, you can start producing your commercial.  Take the recent Old Spice TV commerical for example. Old Spice was trying to reach a younger demographic after years & years of being known as a corny old man’s cologne. Their answer was a commercial featuring a sexy, cocky man doing corny things & cliche after cliche.   Now, the younger demographic may actually see Old Spice body wash a hip, sought after product. It was genius!

There are a few things to try to avoid when making a funny TV commercial production. The first should be obvious: Try not to be too offensive. You fans not enemies!  Secondly, don’t bore them with details. When you choose comedy over informative, the whole point is to entertain! The small facts, ingredients and components will take away from the entertainment value.  Lastly, add some variety. If your joke proves to be effective, create additional TV commercials that put a twist on the original scenario.  If it works, run with it! It works for Geico, it can work for you!

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