video production company

video production company

We want you to look your absolute best when on camera so we have provided our top 5 tips for looking good during your video production project.

1) Since lighting can often wash out your skin, be sure to use appropriate makeup. This goes for males too. A little goes a long way. Nobody wants to come out looking pasty on film.

2) They say that they camera adds ten pounds so be aware of focal length. The further away from the camera you are, the slimmer you will look. A professional video production company will understand focal length and help you achieve the best results.

3) Determine your best poses and angles. Along with your video production team, practice taking shots from the head up, side angle and full body. Find your most flattering stance & go with it!

4) Try to wear something comfortable so that you wont fidgit with your clothes. Nothing looks worse on camera than someone awkwardly tugging & pulling at their pants.

5) Sit up Straight! It sounds so simple right? So, why do so many people forget?
If you have a good video production company directing your video, they will probably remind you throughout filming.