Let’s say your trying to market yourself as a business and decide to go the all to popular route of uploading a Youtube video.  By business I mean musician, brand or any other existing enterprise looking to reach out to as many potential consumers as possible.  It may seem like a good idea at the time to put something together either yourself, or through a “friend” that tells you he can shoot it.

If you have a boss, he will be pleased when you tell him of the money he will save from this.  Your friend assures you, “it will be simple” because he has just put together a video of his son’s 5th birthday party that he edited with iMovie.  But what a waste of time and effort it will be when you realize that a crappy video online will not get more than 20 views, mostly from friends or relatives.  And the dislikes on that video are just the beginning of the headache your boss will likely give you.  Then he will go and find a professional video production company to get the job done.

So my advice is to not even consider using that new Flipcam you bought that shoots in HD, but to look for a professional and leave it up to them to do what they do best.  There are a handful of reasonably priced video production companies to choose from that will help you with everything you need.  And I’m pretty sure these guys don’t shoot 5th grade birthday parties.

Don’t sell your business short. Hire a professional video production company today!