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Corporate Event Film Production – Tips of the Trade


Corporate Event Film Production

Corporate Event Film Production

As you may know, the team at iProduction Studio loves to film corporate events. The unscripted, spontaneous nature of live events is super exciting and it’s one of our specialty services.

Usually, we focus on giving useful tips & tricks for video production however, since we love trade shows, conventions & corporate parties just as much as you do, we are sharing some great tips on how to make your next corporate event a success!



  1.  Keep the music neutral.  When it comes to corporate events, you will want to make sure the music is something everyone can enjoy. Try to make the sound match the tone of your product or service
  2. Know when/if a theme is appropriate.  If you are going with a theme, make sure it’s super relevant to your product or service. Remember that it can be challenging to get the crowd to participate in the theme especially if there is a certain dress code tied to that theme. When in doubt, do without!
  3. Have a tech guy handy. When you are using equipment like speakers, projectors and microphones, you will definitely want to have a skilled tech person on stand-by to avoid awkward silence or a party killer.
  4. Provide Refreshments. If your event is going to be longer than 2 hours, you really should provide a snack. This could also be a great opportunity to feature a sponsor or partner’s product!
  5. Consider transportation & parking. If you want your event to be well attended, it helps to have a convenient location and plenty of parking.  It’s so simple but incredibly important.

Now that you have some great tips for planning your corporate event, call iProduction Studio to film your next trade show, convention or corporate event.  We would love to put our video production skills to work for you!


Best Film Productions of 2011

The Oscars are barely 2 months away but the box office results are in!
2011 generated some heavy hitters at the theater. The film production team here at iProduction Studio are major movie buffs so, If a movie is blowing up the box office, we simply can’t miss it!

Feature Film production is one of our specialties and we appreciate good work when we see it.  Here are the top 10 films of 2011 based on gross revenue. If you missed out on any of these incredible movie productions, we highly suggest you see them soon!


1 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2
2 Transformers: Dark of the Moon
3 Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
4 Kung Fu Panda 2
5 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1
6 Fast Five
7 The Hangover Part II
8 The Smurfs
9 Cars 2
10 Rio

If you are looking to make your film production dreams come true in 2012, make sure to call iProduction Studio. We can help you create a feature film that will stand out among the rest!


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